One can never have enough reasons to procrastinate all else in the interest of celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. Here are 8 more FABULOUS ones to sit home and GAG. Check out our top 8 shows to binge watch with zero guilt.

1. Sense8- Bonus: Indian Actor in an LGBTQ+ role

Directed by trans siblings Lana and Lily Wachowski, Sense8 focuses on the lives of eight pansexual individuals across the globe that share an apparent psychic connection.

The show unapologetically explores sexuality with tons of steamy scenes. The famed and disreputable orgy is bound to scandalize all the pearl clutching prudes in your life.

Although the show has been cancelled after two very successful seasons (we’re still in the process of forgiving Netflix) you can’t miss this one. 

2. Transparent

Poignant yet refreshing Transparent follows a unique approach of LGBTQ+ storytelling. Prepare to binge watch all seasons at once.

Recently renewed for its fifth and final season, the show revolves around the lives of the beautifully dysfunctional Pfefferman family after they discover that the head (Jeffery Tambor) is trans.

We are irrevocably in love with Tambor’s portrayal of Maura. There are subtle yet authentic nuances noticed as each character explores their relationship with sexuality, spirituality and gender identity. The show WILL leave you wanting more.

3. RuPaul’s Drag Race

Did you really think this list will go further without a mention of Mama Ru?!

RuPaul’s Drag Race needs no introduction and if you still need one you best “sashay away”.

A cultural phenomenon, the show has tons of diversity as it celebrates drag culture in a fun and hilarious way while paying homage to numerous drag and LGBTQ+ icons that were vital to the gay rights movement.

Even if drag is not your thing (yet) you need to give this show a chance. There’s a reason everybody is talking about it.

4. Out With Dad

This one might be packed with clichés but you’re still going to fall in love with it. Out with Dad is a quirky drama that revolves around a teenage girl coming of age and coming out of the closet.  Dad tries to make the entire process as smooth as possible but ends up trying too hard most of the time.

5. Queer Eye

Make room for the Fab Five who are set out to makeover the lives of seven wonderful people and boy are we gagging at the transformations. Not only do they transform their lives you also get to see LGBTQ+ acceptance in all its glory as the men freely allow the Fab Five to take over their homes, closets and lives.

If this doesn’t sound like reason enough to hit play, did we mention that the Fab Five are great Queer Eye-Candy! Like seriously. Go, NOW!

6. Modern Family

Two words: Sofia Vergara!

Modern Family is the perfect blend of humour and family drama that will leave you in stitches. The show eloquently highlights issues of coming to terms with one’s sexuality and so much more. As the show progresses you see it exploring LGBTQ+ topics far beyond coming out which make it even more relatable and definitely live up to its title.  

Also did we mention it has Eighty Primetime Emmy Award nominations and 22 wins but then again who’s counting?

7. Please Like ME

This Australian comedy revolves around Josh who is on a path of self-discovery as he explores his sexuality and navigates through the world of dating, friendship and yes a complicated family.

This show is bound to give you all the feels especially if you’re awkward when it comes to flirting and have #nofilter on what comes out of your pretty mouth.

The show also deals with issues of LGBTQ+ live and mental health across very loveable characters which make it that much more relatable. Although a comedy, it touches upon very intense topics but handles them beautifully.

8. Will & Grace

We must throw it back to this classic 1998 sitcom and if you haven’t seen it yet you have been living under a rock. Recently revived in 2017 the entire gang is back and we couldn’t be happier.

Although it did get some heat for the slightly stereotypical portrayal of gay characters, it was a huge leap forward for the LGBTQ+ community and therefore shall forever remain iconic. Will & Grace might have what some might call “slapstick” humour but we guarantee that you WILL fall in love either way. If anyone knows the importance of family and friends that you choose to keep in your life, it’s the queer community and Will & Grace depicts exactly that.


Other honourable mentions include Shameless, How to Get Away with Murder, Queer as Folk and  The L Word. Some of my personal favourites are Orange is the New Black, Hunting Season, Shameless and Six Feet Under. If you feel like we missed out on some let us know. We’re always up for some gay TV here at Delta!

Zubair Kalsia

Zubair believes in taking life one playlist at a time. Destined to be on Broadway but settles for the shower. Firm believer in Karma and that dogs are greater than most humans. Has some experience in adulting but still figuring it out. Treat other like how you would expect to be treated #StrongestTogether.


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