5 bollywood songs the Indian LGBTQ community is listening to right now

Being a bisexual woman and working at India’s first LGBTQ app while the country awaits one of its most historic verdicts, can take one on quite the emotional roller coaster. Now blame it on my current mental state or on my overly active imagination, but almost every song I’ve been listening to these days seem relevant to the emotions I’m going through.
So I thought I’d compile a list of some of my favourites and share them with you. I know it doesn’t help with the anxiety but at least it gives the anticipation some good background music!

So here we go!

1. “Chal Chalein”- Papon (Dhanak- 2016)

Lately, this song has been making me cry in hope almost every morning. Papon’s voice is like a soothing balm, it is a morning ritual of mine to listen to a Papon song as I take my first sip of chai in the morning. To start with, the movie is named “Dhanak” which is hindi for, wait for it… “Rainbow” I mean, COME ON! The lyrics are super spot on as well when seen from an LGBTQ perspective, but I’ll let you savour the song on your own.

2. “Aazadiyan” – Amit Trivedi (Udaan- 2010)

Another morning staple, since 2010. This song has rescued me from many a dark days. A song that gives you faith in yourself and hope for the future all in five minutes. Come what may, let us not stop doing what we do, “the end” is seldom the end, though it feels so.

“Subha ki kirno ko roke, jo salaakhein kahaan?
Jo khayaalon pe pehre daale vo aankhein hain kahan?
Par khulne ki deri hai parinde udke choomenge,
Aasman, aasman, aasman…

Aazadiyan, aazadiyan, maange na kabhi miley, miley miley
Aazadiyan, aazadiyan, jo cheene vahi, jee le jee le jee le”

3. Khol De Par – Arijit Singh (Hichki- 2018)

The Rani Mukherjee starrer Hichki is a movie based on one character’s journey of becoming a teacher like she always wanted to while she battles Tourette syndrome (uncontrollable hiccups), her family and a discouraging society. Replace the hiccups with section 377, and millions of people from the LGBTQ community in the country are in the same boat. Which is why most songs, but especially this one sit so well with our situation.

4. Hone do batiyaan-Nandini Srikar & Zeb Bangash

This beautiful song in the glowing voices of Nandini Srikar and Zeb Bangash is SUCH a powerful song when seen from an LGBTQ perspective! Two female voices just begging for permission to let their hearts speak without censorship and without these man made rules. The lyrics remind you how we are all human beings to begin with, the rest is smoke and mirrors.

5. Pinjra Pinjra – Clinton Cerejo(Coke Studio@MTV)

I saved the best for the last, this is a Coke Studio masterpiece. It’s called Pinjra which means cage, symbolic of the mental, legal and emotional prison Section 377 puts us in. It is directed to the society asking it to unlock the cage. The song urges the society to question their thoughts, examine why they think the prisoner has committed a crime. It beseeches the prison guard to end the misery and do what’s right.

So, these are my top picks. I listen to these songs almost everyday to suit the varying moods and thoughts this wait sprouts in me. On the one hand, there is SO MUCH happiness because of how the media has treated the LGBTQ issue this time around. There is hope that stems from the statements made by the supreme court. 
Tell us your favourite songs in the comments!

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