Delhi Queer Pride 2018: Unapologetically political

The Delhi Queer Pride 2018 march was probably the most special one as it was the first pride march after the amendment of Section 377 by the Indian Supreme court. the change showed in the Pride parade that happened yesterday as an ocean of colourful queer people and allies marched in solidarity and celebration. Some thanked the Supreme court while others reminded us of the next most important goals. Here are some of our favourites.


1. Delhi Queer Pride 2018: “Thank You Supreme Court”


The board says “It feels better now, thank you Hon’ble Supreme Court.” such a simple caption but it sums up so beautifully what every community member must’ve felt when they wore their Pride looks and stepped out their doors that November afternoon. Relief, happiness and freedom were palpable at the Delhi Queer Pride 2018.

2. Gay the pray away then? 😉

It is a very common sense based fact, to be honest, but there are people who need to be told this, especially with so many people coming out post the verdict. And I always say, you can’t pray the gay away but you CAN Gay the pray away! 😉

3. All aboard the Queer Express!

Delhi Queer Pride 2018
Image Courtesy: @mohini28 on Insta


Who would you cast opposite Kajol in the queer remake of Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge? Also, wake up Bollywood, we need more queer cinema and we need it NOW.


4. We all love a good pun and a good queer pun? yaaaaass

That boy in the left of the image is all of us whenever we see the amazing Shivangi Agrawal changing the queer-disabled conversation in a way only this gorgeous radical femme can. She is indeed a “shot of Shiva” and then some.

5. Scyauz you! Homophobia is self-curable cancer.

This slogan tickles our inner Mallika Dua like nothing else. Mince mutton, not words and end homophobia fam.

6. “Legal Now” <3

We CANNOT get enough validation, and yet we will take every chance to remind the world that we have finally been given the chance we deserved from the very beginning. Thanks to all the people who have made these two words possible, we are all “Legal now”. To bigger dreams and happier realities.

7. Loving the unabashed smiles in this one

One thing we love about Dilli wallahs is how unapologetic they are. It is this fearlessness that has to lead to all the good things happening to us.

8. To future goals and definite realities.

The Delhi Queer Pride 2018 march saw a lot of different slogans encouraging the nation to now fight for marriage equality and we say, what’s stopping us? Let’s do it! Goals for Pride 2019?

Got more pictures we could feature here? Send them to us via social media and we WILL add them.

Happy pride my queer fam. Stay fabulous. Stay fabulous.

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