Mumbai Pride 2019 pictures prove Mumbai is not scared to speak their mind!

Mumbai Pride 2019 was the first pride parade in Mumbai after the Supreme court’s landmark judgement where section 377 was read down and homosexuality was decriminalised. The Delta team walked proud with 50 more people that support our app and believe we are India’s safest homegrown dating app for the LGBTQ+ community.

Incase you missed the parade, here are a few photographs from the Bombay Pride Parade that will warm your queer heart.

The Delta app walked Mumbai Pride 2019 with the slogan “Pride Over Prejudice”

Mumbai Pride 2019
Our marketing manager Dipalie flaunting our ‘punny’ pride poster at Mumbai Pride 2019.


The one thing we firmly believe in, is the fact that Pride in our own identities, can and will overcome all prejudices no matter how strong they are.


The Bisexual community made sure they were heard loud & clear at Mumbai Pride 2019

Bisexuality banner seen at Mumbai Pride 2019
One of our favourite banners seen at Mumbai Pride 2019. Short and impactful.


Bisexual people are often marginalised by people on all sides of the rainbow. They are asked to ‘pick a side’ and often told that they are ‘just confused’. Well this one pride walker took all of two words to ensure these comments don’t roll anymore. And we are living for the subtle sass.

It is about time we saw some good same sex couple T-shirts!

his and his couple t shirts Mumbai Pride 2019
These couple T shirts Read “His beauty” & “His beast”


Our volunteers from The Delta App couldn’t get enough of these ‘beautiful’ his & his couple t-shirts.

Tropical Marca gave us all Pride look goals

Indian Drag Queen at Mumbai Pride 2019
Tropical Marca slayed at Mumbai Pride 2019. We could not get enough


If you were at the Mumbai Pride 2019 parade, you could not have missed Tropical Marca’s thrift queen realness. Their look was all kinds of goals, and proof that our Indian drag artists are ready for every category you can think of.

Mumbai Pride 2019 saw many intersectional posters, this was the most heart wrenching one.

Anti homophobia slogan at Mumbai Pride 2019
Fighting homophobia and islamophobia with that smile on their face, the whole parade cheered for them!


We often try to keep the crushing struggle against homophobia, casteism, patriarchy and class struggles out of our daily lives because they are really hard to talk about. Especially if you’re caught in the ever growing web of multiple narratives of oppression. This pride walker taught us how we can talk about our problems and soldier on with a smile!

Mumbai Pride Parade 2019 bisexual banner
The poster read: “Bisexuals are just confused. Confused as to why people judge, label, and fetishise them.” Got answers?


The poster says it all. Why people choose to judge, label and fetishise a whole group of people they is something we will never understand.

Self love has no gender

Mumbai Pride Parade 2019 Banner
“Boys can also be princess.” and there is no way you can stop that!

In a nutshell, Mumbai Pride 2019 was a day full of hope, love and fearless statements. We celebrated the long needed end of Section 377 and remembered there is a long way to go!
Thank you for a wonderful Pride Parade Bombay! We are still reeling in the magic.

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