6 Classic Queer Movies You Need to Watch Now

Mainstream media is becoming increasingly progressive with each passing day and we couldn’t be happier (gay if you will) about it. That being said it’s only fair that we take a look back at some of the classics that were and shall remain iconic to the maturing “queer movies” industry.

If you haven’t seen these as yet prepared to have your “gay cards” taken away!


  1. Prayers for Bobby

Hold on, here come the waterworks.

Based on the 1995 book “Prayers For Bobby: A Mother’s Coming to Terms With the Suicide of Her Gay Son” by late gay journalist Leroy Aarons, the film is an undeniable classic that is bound to leave you with all the feels.  The movie revolves around a mother who unfortunately realizes too late that her love for her son is far more important than her faith in a blinding and seemingly homophobic religious practice.

Prayers for Bobby has the perfect balance of “Important television”.  It could very easily give some mother a few things to think about.


2. Loev

A fresh look on desires and expression.

Loev follows an interesting approach of dealing with sexuality and romantic interest in an all too familiar setting. The movie is real and doesn’t necessarily scream “gay” nor does it have to. Loev revolves around the relationship between two friends who are dynamic takes an unexpected turn as they take a trip and go down memory lane.

The subtle and sometimes not so subtle nuances of Loev will definitely leave you with something to think about.


3. The Adventures Of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert

Don’t be a drag just be a queen

Undoubtedly a classic, the movie is a drama-comedy about Australian drag queen with tons of well-placed profanity. The movie deals with the themes of homophobia and gender expression in refreshing and all so familiar light which makes it a must watch. Bonus: the movie is a hoot for all the drag patrons out there.


4. Hedwig and the Angry Inch

A journey of love and strength that will give you all the feels. The plot revolves around Hedwig (John Cameron Mitchell) and her memories. She shares the stories of how she was a young boy named Hansel, raised by a single mother in Germany, then several years later is attracted to an American GI Sergeant. He agrees to marry Hansel and take him to America if he follows through with a sex change operation.


5. The Birdcage

A comical and light-hearted tale on being in the closet

First, a play, then a French-Italian film released back in 1978. The Birdcage is a delightful comedy about how hiding one’s true identity can lead to Murphy becoming the law of the land.


6. My brother Nikhil

A heart-warming story of human dignity

A highly appreciated film worldwide not only due to the maturity & subtlety with which the gay relationship was handled but also because the audience left with a feeling of “normalcy” that the two lovers seem just like any other couple.  The fact that the film focuses on Nikhil’s illness & trauma rather going into why he got the disease, displays the good intentions of the film & it’s makers, featuring just one cause, that of human dignity.

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